Nasi Brojol, the True Exotic Taste of Damaran Forest Purbalingga

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Nasi Brojol, the True Exotic Taste of Damaran Forest Purbalingga Nasi Brojol appearance of Damaran Forest, Purbalingga. (Picture by: Sinnanga Angga/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESJAKARTA, PURBALINGGA – If you are someone who love to taste an exotic food of certain area, Nasi Brojol a local cuisine of Damaran Forest, Serang, Karangreja, Purbalingga, Central Java could be one alternative for you to try.

Nasi Brojol literally means as rice and milled corn. Yes, there will be small pieces of corn added on the rice. This dish will be accompanied with several condiments such as salted fish, local salad of cassava leaves, sauce, lettuce and stinky bean.

"You won't be able to find this dish anywhere else except this place, even in every corner of Purbalingga, this dish is such an exotic dish," Ahiroh (33) the owner of Ngibrid food shop at the Damaran Forest on Sunday (8/12/2019).

Still according to her, in 1950's Nasi Brojol was a staple food of the local community at then since rice was too expensive for them. Rice wasn't the main commodity of the local community and its hardly to find.

The local community then made an idea to substitute the rice with milled corn or add it into the rice to so everyone in the family could have their share.

As the time goes, and rice was planted in every corner of the country, in 1980's the local community also turned their taste and make rice as their staple food instead of the dried smashed corn.

According to Ahiroh, the process of making the corn (brojol) needs around 3 days. She processed the corn manually and milled it her self. After being milled the corn need to be soaked for 3 days and then it's ready to cook in a traditional wood stove.

Its exotic taste has become one attraction that attracts the tourist to taste Nasi Brojol. So what do you think? Will you have this food once you visit Damaran Forest Purbalingga?. (*)

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