What Pregnant Women Should Do to Face Coronavirus Issue

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What Pregnant Women Should Do to Face Coronavirus Issue Illustration - Being Pregnant. (PHOTO: backto30.com)

TIMESJAKARTA, JAKARTA – As we all know, pregnant women must to eat for two. She has to have a strong immune system and consume lots of nutrient for the sake of both of the mother or the baby in the womb especially during this coronavirus issue.

Due to coronavirus, there hasn't been enough research about whether the virus will also attack the baby if the mother carried the virus. However, there are several easy steps to follow to get pregnant women away from coronavirus.

1. Wash your hand oftenly with soap atleast for 20 seconds. Or you could us hand sanitizer.

2. Tuck your mouth or nose into the crook of your elbow when you cough or sneeze. Or, you could use a tissue and dispose it right away.

3. Try not to touch your face to much since your mouth, nose and your eyes re the entrance gate for the virus.

4. Follow social distancing rule. Stay away from another people atleast for a meter.

5. No more shake hand or hug. If you happened to meet a friend or colleague just wave your hand to say hi or do the namaste thing.

6. Consume more food with nutrients. Remember you eat for two.

7. Call your doctor before you meet him/her and arrange your meeting so you won't have to wait in a long time.

Hope these tips will help pregnant women during this coronavirus issue. And stay alert, dont panic, and stay at home. (*)

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